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What are the 4 stages of a person’s addiction process

According to scientists who study addictions, there are phases or stages that a person goes through during the addiction process. We explain what are the 4 stages of a person in the process of addiction, so that you can be aware of their presence in anyone close to you. Experimentation This is when the person

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how a drug addict behaves

How a drug addict behaves

Drug addiction has different phases that involve some kind of physical, mental, emotional or social deterioration, in that sense, we are going to point out in this post some of the behaviors that addicts manifest, so that you can detect how a person who is on drugs behaves. Alcohol Contrary to what you might think,

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the best activities to work on addictions

The best activities to work on addictions

The best activities to work on addictions In this post we will explain which are the best activities to work on addictions, so that you know how to help a family member or friend who is going through this type of situation. Why activities are important Addictions are a social health problem that needs to

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reflexiones sobre el consumo de drogas en adolescente

Reflections On Drug Use In Adolescents

Adolescent drug use is a disease that has become a problem faced by millions of families worldwide, which has the potential to destroy the lives of those who suffer from it, as well as their emotional structure and family and social environment. 7 reflections to free drugs Several studies have been conducted worldwide that defend

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Do You Have A Drug-Addicted Child? 2021 Guide To Helping You

If you have a child with drug addiction problems, or suspect they may be experimenting with illegal substances, here’s an updated guide for you to find out how to help them overcome this disease. Teens And Drugs: Why Do Young People Experiment With Substance Abuse? As parents, it is absolutely natural to worry about the

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How To See With The Naked Eye If A Family Member Use Drugs

There are behavioral, physical, and emotional cues that reveal the possibility of drug use, and knowing how to identify and recognize these signals can make the difference between providing needed help on time or not. Main Symptoms Of Drug Use First of all, it must be clarified that drug addiction, also scientifically classified as a

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Desde el año 2000, Biomagna Pro Ⓡ se ha comprometido a brindar atención a pacientes con problemas de salud mental, con un historial de tratamiento de más de 30.000 pacientes con trastornos de adicción, ansiedad y pánico.

El CEO de Biomagna es el Dr. Norberto Palavecino, cirujano de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, y especialista en cardiología con 43 años de experiencia en adicciones, ansiedad y trastornos de pánico. Cuenta con el respaldo de un equipo de médicos especialistas con amplia experiencia y resultados comprobados.

Nuestra GARANTÍA es nuestro compromiso con tu salud, bienestar y calidad de vida.
Para conseguirlo es imprescindible seguir estrictamente las instrucciones, siguiendo el protocolo de uso adaptado a cada caso. Esto incluye cumplir con el número establecido de sesiones diarias, asistir a grupos de apoyo psicológico y consultas médicas. Cumplir el protocolo asegura el resultado.

El uso de Biomagna Pro Ⓡ queda registrado permanentemente en la aplicación, lo que nos permite evaluar el compromiso del paciente con la terapia. El resultado depende tanto de ti como de nosotros. Si sigues el protocolo de uso el resultado sólo puede ser positivo, y esa es nuestra GARANTÍA.

Biomagna LLC tiene su sede en los Estados Unidos.

El dispositivo Biomagna Pro Ⓡ es fabricado por ABP Electronics y cumple con todos los estándares de calidad globales requeridos.

La terapia está libre de efectos secundarios y apoya la estabilidad emocional del paciente.

Esperamos que disfrutes de la experiencia Biomagna Pro Ⓡ.


Desde 2000, a Biomagna Pro Ⓡ tem o compromisso de prestar atendimento a pacientes com problemas de saúde mental, com um histórico de tratamento de mais de 30.000 pacientes com dependência, ansiedade e transtornos de pânico.

O CEO da Biomagna é o Dr. Norberto Palavecino, cirurgião da Universidade Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, especialista em cardiologia com 43 anos de experiência em dependências, ansiedade e transtornos de pânico. Ele é apoiado por uma equipe de médicos especialistas com vasta experiência e resultados comprovados.

Nossa GARANTIA é o nosso compromisso com sua saúde, bem-estar e qualidade de vida.
Para isso é imprescindível seguir rigorosamente as instruções, seguindo o protocolo de uso adaptado a cada caso. Isto inclui cumprir o número estabelecido de sessões diárias, frequentar grupos de apoio psicológico e consultas médicas. O cumprimento do protocolo garante o resultado.

A utilização do Biomagna Pro Ⓡ fica permanentemente registrada no aplicativo, o que nos permite avaliar o comprometimento do paciente com a terapia. O resultado depende tanto de você quanto de nós. Se seguir o protocolo de uso o resultado só poderá ser positivo, e essa é a nossa GARANTIA.

A Biomagna LLC está sediada nos Estados Unidos.

O dispositivo Biomagna Pro Ⓡ é fabricado pela ABP Electronics, atendendo a todos os padrões de qualidade globais exigidos.

A terapia é livre de efeitos colaterais e apoia a estabilidade emocional do paciente.

Esperamos que você aproveite a experiência do Biomagna Pro Ⓡ.


Since 2000, Biomagna Pro Ⓡ has been committed to providing care to patients with mental health issues, with a history of treating over 30,000 patients with addiction, anxiety and panic disorders.

The CEO of Biomagna is Dr. Norberto Palavecino, a surgeon from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, and a specialist in cardiology with 43 years of experience in addictions, anxiety and panic disorders. He is supported by a team of specialist doctors with extensive experience and proven results.

Our GUARANTEE is our commitment to your health, well-being and quality of life.
To achieve this, it is essential to strictly follow the instructions, following the protocol of use adapted to each case. This includes meeting the established number of daily sessions, attending psychological support groups and medical consultations. Complying with the protocol ensures the result.

The use of Biomagna Pro Ⓡ is permanently recorded in the application, which allows us to evaluate the patient’s commitment to the therapy. The result depends as much on you as it does on us. If you follow the protocol of use, the result can only be positive, and that is our GUARANTEE.

Biomagna LLC is based in the United States.

The Biomagna Pro Ⓡ device is manufactured by ABP Electronics, meeting all required global quality standards.

The therapy is free of side effects and supports the emotional stability of the patient.

We hope you enjoy the Biomagna Pro Ⓡ experience.