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How Science Is Unlocking the Secrets of Drug Addiction

NIBS (Non Invasive Brain Stimulation) on the press. National Geographic Magazine. National Geographic Magazine introduces this promising realm of addiction treatment, where innovation meets the profound challenges posed by drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and other compulsive behaviors. Addiction is a global crisis, causing immeasurable harm to individuals and communities, and yet, conventional treatments have often struggled

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What are the 4 stages of a person’s addiction process

According to scientists who study addictions, there are phases or stages that a person goes through during the addiction process. We explain what are the 4 stages of a person in the process of addiction, so that you can be aware of their presence in anyone close to you. Experimentation This is when the person

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how a drug addict behaves

How a drug addict behaves

Drug addiction has different phases that involve some kind of physical, mental, emotional or social deterioration, in that sense, we are going to point out in this post some of the behaviors that addicts manifest, so that you can detect how a person who is on drugs behaves. Alcohol Contrary to what you might think,

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the best activities to work on addictions

The best activities to work on addictions

The best activities to work on addictions In this post we will explain which are the best activities to work on addictions, so that you know how to help a family member or friend who is going through this type of situation. Why activities are important Addictions are a social health problem that needs to

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tratamiento para la adicción a los videojuegos

Video Game Addiction Treatment

Last 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified video game addiction as a mental health disorder, placing it in the ICD-11 classification of the International Classification of Diseases, which encompasses all disorders related to addictive behaviors. Video game addiction: How does it occur? Video game addiction is a mental health disorder that consists of the

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reflexiones sobre el consumo de drogas en adolescente

Reflections On Drug Use In Adolescents

Adolescent drug use is a disease that has become a problem faced by millions of families worldwide, which has the potential to destroy the lives of those who suffer from it, as well as their emotional structure and family and social environment. 7 reflections to free drugs Several studies have been conducted worldwide that defend

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