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Doctor graduated in the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. Winner of the prestigious award “Prize to the Medical by Achievement for a better life.” Doctor with multiple specializations (such as cardiology, surgery and bioenergetic medicine). With more than 20 years of experience with addictions and publication of numerous books.

More than 20 years helping people to quit addictions

Using the latest technology since its inception, Biomagna Pro® and the interdisciplinary team leded by Dr. Norberto Palavecino, have directed their efforts to help people have a better quality of life. With the development of new PEMF equipment, in July 2020, 3 new members joined the Biomagna® family: Biomagna Pro® Quit Smoking, Biomagna Pro ® Quit Addictions and Biomagna Pro ® Stop Alcohol. Programmed to help people quit their addictions, and consequently, improve their quality of life.

International Medicine Award

2010/2011 Prize to de Medical by achievement for a better Life. Organization for medical research and training.

Author of the books

Author of Medical Articles

Nutritional depletion in hospitalized patients. (New Journal England of Medicine, 1982)

Use of Mesotherapy and Hydrolipoclasia in localized obesity (International Congress of Mesotherapy, São Paulo, Brazil, 1998.)

Participation in professional associations