How To See With The Naked Eye If A Family Member Use Drugs

There are behavioral, physical, and emotional cues that reveal the possibility of drug use, and knowing how to identify and recognize these signals can make the difference between providing needed help on time or not.

Main Symptoms Of Drug Use

First of all, it must be clarified that drug addiction, also scientifically classified as a “substance use disorder”, is a disease that affects the brain and the behaviour of the people who suffer from it and, being as it is, a disease, it must be treated as such.

It is common during adolescence for young people to “experiment” with the use of substances classified as recreational drugs, and this curiosity can degenerate into addictions to these same or stronger substances.

The main characteristic of this disease is the inability of the person to stop the use of drugs, since suppressing them triggers a series of symptoms, both physical and psychological, called “withdrawal syndrome”.

There are signs that can tell us if a family member has developed addiction to drugs, which, if we are able to detect early, can facilitate the process of rehabilitation and overcoming these addictions.

Behavioral Symptoms

  • Sudden changes in temperament: Bad mood, over excitement, hostility, depression and anger.
  • Compulsively lying and stealing from their closest relatives.
  • Avoid your old friendships and frequent a new social group.
  • Maintain a friendly relationship with people they don’t want us to know.
  • Lack of interest in the normal events of everyday life.
  • Social and family isolation.
  • Evasive responses to questions about their movements and behavior.
  • Miss classes and fail to meet their obligations.
  • Excessive spending of money.

Physical Signals

  • Drowsiness and lack or increased appetite.
  • Obvious tremors.
  • Dilated pupils and red eyes and dark circles.
  • Poor physical appearance and lack of personal hygiene.
  • Obvious disorder of sleep schedules.
  • Weight loss.
  • Persistent thirst.
  • Lack of motor coordination, drag speech.

What Actions To Take In Case Of Drug Use By A Family Member

The first step we should take in case we suspect that a family member is developing a drug addiction, is to try an approach through a process of assertive and honest communication, with an open mind and aware that we are dealing with a disease.

Any action we decide to take needs, as a fundamental basis, the full cooperation and acceptance of the person who uses drugs, because, if they are not willing to receive the help, there is little we can achieve.

This is why it is vitally important to strengthen communication channels and try to persuade you to take advantage of the tools available and get the support that your family members want to give you.

How To Treat Addictions

There are several forms of treatment of drug addictions that have proven to be effective for many people, taking into account that, being a chronic disease, the treatments do not constitute a cure but a satisfactory management of the condition.

The most recommended ways in the treatment of addictions are:

  • Psychological counseling treatments and behavioral therapies: This form of treatment involves a long and expensive process of psychological therapies combined with medication that are usually very expensive for the time and cost involved.
  • Detoxification treatment:This treatment involves hospitalizing the patient in a clinical center in order to eliminate the action of the drug on the body, and its cost will depend on the time of hospitalization required by the patient.
  • Biomagna Pro: The first device with PEMF technology for the treatment of addictions.

Biomagna Pro: Biomedical Technology Of The Future In The Treatment Of Addictions

Biomagna Pro is the device for the treatment of addictions, specifically designed for the restoration of the natural functioning of the brain, working at the same frequency and using the same language.

Biomagna Pro’s device emits specific electromagnetic waves, which reprogram the brain so that it can recover the vibration necessary to overcome the circuit of addictive thoughts to which drug use leads it.

The continued use of Biomagna Pro helps the brain reconnect the parts that have been disconnected by the effect of the drugs, normalizing dopamine levels that give the patient a sense of well-being.

Among the multiple benefits derived from the use of Biomagna Pro we can mention:

  • 85% proven effectiveness: This is the percentage of users who abandoned their addictions during the first month of using Biomagna Pro.
  • Treatment for home use that does not require hospitalization.
  • Free of side effects and without risks.
  • No medications or expensive prescriptions: 100% natural.
  • Thirty-day trial satisfaction guarantee or your investment is returned to you.
  • It is handled very easily through a smartphone App and is very easy to transport.

Biomagna Pro: The Smartest Solution

Biomagna Pro is the most natural, effective and economical solution for the treatment of addictions, successfully used also in treatments to overcome alcohol and tobacco dependence.

Thousands of happy and satisfied people have regained control of their lives and their future thanks to treatment with Biomagna Pro, eradicating withdrawal symptoms and decreasing stress and anxiety levels.