First PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Device designed to help the brain re-establish its normal function by ending addictive behavior.

Electromagnetic device for addiction treatment

The latest in technology. Portable PEMF equipment with specific electromagnetic waves frequencies designed to help the addicted brain regain its normal function.

85% of the patients quit drugs after the first month.

Treatment designed for you, no need hospitalization.

No risks: It does not have collateral effects.

Portable. Very easy to transport.

It emits electromagnetic waves identical to those produced naturally (in normal operation) by the brain.

The device is 100% managed from the mobile application.

Introducing Biomagna Pro®

First PEMF device for addictions. 

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How Biomagna Pro® Works?

Help your brain to emit a different vibration

Biomagna Pro® Quit addictions is a state-of-the-art equipment based on the emission of specific and natural electromagnetic waves of the brain, generating the brain waves that the addicted mind needs to get out of the loop of thoughts in which it finds itself.

More than 20 years’ experience with  21,000 satisfied customers

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I honestly love Biomagna Pro®. I just put the program and do the treatment. Really easy to use. This device is perfect for me.
From Germany
Biomagna Pro® Quit addictions changed my life. I feel my mind more clear, i feel less anxiety. And no need to consume.
From Canada
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What does science say about Biomagna Pro® ?

More than 20 years helping people to get out of their addictions

Technology and neuroscience working together. Learn more about Dr. Norberto Palavecino: Researcher, CEO and Founder of Biomagna Pro®.

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