Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find our team’s answers to the most common questions from our Biomagna Pro® and Quit Smoking users.

You do not need a prescription.

The use of the device is only once a day.
Many times the benefits are perceived immediately, but the most noticeable changes are noticed after 2 weeks of use.

For addictions in general, including cocaine, marijuana, crack and alcohol, daily applications are necessary for 3 months.
For smoking cessation, 40 sessions at a rate of one per day are necessary, although the effects are noticeable in the first week (decrease in consumption or quitting).

Normally the withdrawal syndrome or anxiety to consume decreases or disappears after some days.
In case you feel withdrawal symptoms or cravings, it is advisable to have a session immediately. The device will help you with the symptoms.
Although the device is programmed for a single daily session, you can use the SOS program to help you with Craving Anxiety (substance withdrawal).

The brain learns by repetition, sessions must be done daily to be more effective.

It is advisable not to abandon the daily session, the effectiveness depends on it, the device is programmed to be used only once a day.

Although you can stop the sessions, it is always advisable for a higher rate of effectiveness in the long term, to continue for the entire program.

Simple. You can buy more through our app or on our website.

The app is available for Android and iOS in Playstore and Apple Store. You can find it under the name Biomagna Pro or through this link.

No. It is a technological product that emits natural electromagnetic waves (the same ones that our brain produces).

All available programs can be purchased through the app or our website.

You can buy programs for any of these addictions: Cigarette, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines, narcotics, pills, anxiolytics, food, heroin, crack, gambling, porn…among others.

The device comes with a user manual with all the specifications, it is very simple.

No. It is not necessary. The device works with Bluetooth and from the mobile app.

Yes, it has a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defect (in case it does not work).

All credit cards, Mercadopago and Paypal. You can also pay in 6 installments without interest with the Splitit system (in US dollars).

You can but it is not convenient, it is good to be concentrated during the sessions that only last one hour.

Yes, never stop taking your prescription medications without consulting your primary care physician.