How does it work?

As the founder of Biomagna Pro® -Norberto Palavecino M.D.- says, “in life is not one only way to solve any problem.” And the same happens in medicine, emotional imbalances and of course… addictions.

The most popular way to solve this kind of situation is conventional medicine, which tries to solve these imbalances using pills, or hospitalization. In Biomagna we use the same language than the brain uses: electromagnetic waves.

The Biomagna Pro® effect on the brain


The brain is affected by the consumption of chemical substances, disconnecting brain areas and consequently altering their functioning. This is expressed very clearly on the EEG (electroencephalogram ).

Biomagna Pro® stabilize this process by helping the brain to find its own balance and by re-communicating previously disconnected parts. This translates into a rejection of the consumption of those same substances.

Introducing Biomagna Pro®

First PEMF device for addictions. 

What Does Science Say About Biomagna Pro® 

A retrospective chart review of cranial electrotherapy stimulation for clients newly admitted to residential drug treatment

David A. Deitch, Ph.D., Jennifer Butler, B.S., Charles A. Fisher, Sidney Hargrave, M.A., Norman John 2009

This pilot program was designed to determine if using CES affected retention rates among new drug rehab patients arriving at Phoenix House, the nations largest non-profit drug rehab center. The study included 392 subjects consisting of heroin and cocaine addicts; 293 patients did not receive CES (control) and 99 patients received an average of 5 CES treatments total per patient. A 50% increase in retention after 90 days was seen among patients who received CES versus patients who did not receive CES. Patients who received CES also reported significant decreases in anxiety and insomnia. Phoenix House pilot program poster (link to poster, previous file in dropbox.)